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Further warning for Landonline unsupported software users

17 July 2019

Land Information New Zealand has issued another warning about use of unsupported software to access Landonline.

LINZ says using unsupported software has the potential to cause unexpected security issues for the user's computer, office network, and even Landonline.

It says "unsupported software" is any software that is no longer supported by the supplier. LINZ has provided a table which shows the timeline for support of a number of software systems.

"Unsupported software can also result in unexpected issues when trying to access or sign in Landonline," LINZ says.

"Often the first thing our customer support team will require prior to any troubleshooting is that you update to supported versions of software.  That could cause time delays that are frustrating to both yourself and your customers, especially if you need to engage an IT services provider to perform the upgrades."

Last updated on the 16th September 2019