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Government to make changes to voting rights and process

20 June 2019

Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced the Government's intention to make changes to the law relating to voter enrolment and voting.

He says the (Electoral) Commission has recommended a number of changes to make it easier for people to enrol and vote.

"The Coalition Government has agreed to those recommendations," he says.

Mr Little says voters will be given the right to enrol on election day at next year's general election, and ballot boxes will be able to be placed in supermarkets and malls.

The changes will be:

  • Election-day enrolment (“same day enrolment”);
  • More voting places where people live, work and play, such as supermarkets;
  • Making it easier for New Zealanders to vote from overseas;
  • Strengthening measures to protect the electoral process in the event of a significant emergency or national disaster.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019