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High Court grants deregistered charity backdated registration

07 November 2019

A group of charities including Destiny International Group had their appeal to have their registration backdated to the time they were removed from the Charities Register granted by the High Court on 29 October 2019.

Destiny International Group and its member charities were removed from the Charities Register on 22 November 2017, following the charities’ persistent failure to file annual returns, Charities Services noted.

The Destiny charities filed formal objections which were considered by the independent Charities Registration Board before the decision was made to remove them from the register.

In having the High Court granting their registration to be backdated, the Destiny Charities abandoned their initial formal objections.

“The Board has noted that the Destiny charities are now fully up-to-date with their annual returns. The Board is satisfied that the charities currently meet registration requirements, so can be re-registered,” says Roger Holmes Miller, Chair of the Charities Registration Board.

Under the Charities Act 2005, charities who have been removed for persistent failures have the option to lodge an appeal against the Board’s decision with the High Court by 20 December 2017, and will remain on the register until that time.

Last updated on the 7th November 2019