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Highest conviction rate for driving offences in 2018

06 May 2019

Traffic and vehicle regulatory offences had the highest rate of conviction in 2018, with 91.7% of all such offences resulting in conviction when prosecuted to an outcome in 2018.

Statistics New Zealand has released adult criminal conviction and sentencing statistics for the 2018 calendar year from data provided by the Ministry of Justice.

The information shows that 76.1% of the 208,356 cases in District and High Courts where adults were prosecuted had an outcome resulting in a conviction.

A further 3.7% of charges were “other proved” but not recorded as convictions – these included where Police offered diversion or the person was discharged without conviction under section 105 of the Sentencing Act 2002. Most of the rest – 19.8% -  were “not proved”. This includes where the person was acquitted or discharged or where the charge was dismissed or withdrawn. A very small proportion of cases - 0.4% - (“other”) resulted in a stay of proceeding, the person being found unfit to stand trial or acquitted on account of insanity.

Sexual assault and related offences had the lowest proportion of outcomes resulting in a conviction, with just over half - 51.5% - resulting in a conviction and 46.5% not proved.

Outcomes for categories of adult offences prosecuted to a conclusion in 2018
CategoryOutcomesConvictedOther ProvedNot Proved
Traffic & vehicle regulatory39,28091.7%1.5%6.7%
Theft & related offences21,65081.1%3.2%15.4%
Offences against justice, government security42,56480.9%1.1%17.9%
Dangerous or negligent acts11,92778.6%10.6%10.6%
Property damage, environmental pollution7,87772.7%9.7%16.8%
Unlawful entry with intent/burglary4,93972.5%2.4%24.5%
Public order offences6,99072.4%5.5%21.2%
Illicit drug offences15,22069.2%3.4%27.4%
Robbery, extortion1,25667.8%0.6%30.9%
Fraud, deception and related13,45165.4%2.8%31.4%
Prohibited & regulated weapons/explosives5,34064.9%3.4%31.2%
Abduction, harassment5,31364.9%4.5%29.7%
Acts intended to cause injury23,29563.4%8.4%27.5%
Miscellaneous offences3,66956.3%6.1%37.4%
Sexual assault & related offences5,36251.5%0.5%46.5%
Total 2018208,35676.1%3.7%19.8%

Last updated on the 16th September 2019