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Highest conviction rate in Northland

31 March 2016

Statistics New Zealand's Criminal Conviction and Sentencing Tables show that the Northland court service delivery area had the highest rate of convictions during 2015, with 88.5% of adult charge outcomes resulting in a conviction.

The conviction rate was high across all courts in the region, with 89.9% of all outcomes resulting in a conviction in Dargaville, 88.8% in Whangarei, 88.5% in Kaikohe and 86.9% in Kaitaia.

Outcomes refer to the final disposition of charges finalised in the High Court and District Courts.

Rates varied over the country, with 77.9% of charges in the Auckland service delivery area resulting in conviction. Wellington (79.2%), Otago/South Canterbury (80.4%) and Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast (81.3%) were also relatively low. The Auckland city courts had a conviction rate of 76.2%.

The national average was 83.2%. Bay of Plenty/Coromandel (87.8%), East Coast/Hawke's Bay (87.7%) and Central North Island (87.1%) were closest to Northland in high conviction rates.

Overall, 8.2% of finalised charges resulted in diversion or discharge without conviction. Southern New Zealand had the highest rate, with 11.6% of charges in Otago/South Canterbury and 11.2% in Southland/Central Otago resulting in diversion or discharge without conviction.

The Courts at Queenstown (24.1% of all outcomes) and Alexandra (21.2% of all outcomes) had the highest rate of diversions or discharges without conviction. Oamaru was also high, with 14.3%.

Northland (5.0%), East Coast/Hawke's Bay (5.2%) and Bay of Plenty/Coromandel (5.3%) had the lowest rate of finalised charges resulting in diversion or discharge without conviction. Diversion or discharge without conviction comprised 3.9% of all outcomes in Whangarei courts.

Nationally, 8.4% of charges were not proved. There was national variation again, with 12.2% of charges in the Auckland region not proved, through to 6.1% of charges in Taranaki/Whanganui. In Auckland city courts 13.6% of charges were not proved.

Outcome of finalised charges against adults, year to 31 December 2015

Court service delivery areaOutcomesConvictedDiversion, Discharge
without conviction
Not provedOther
Central Nth Isld385333572532385
East Coast/Hawke's Bay4907430125634010
Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast298924303082456
Otago/South Canterbury306124613552369
Southland/Central Otago268722073001737
All New Zealand765936374662556427165

Proportion of outcomes by region, year to 31 December 2015

Court service delivery areaConvictedDiversionNot provedOther
Central Nth Isld87.1%6.6%6.2%0.1%
East Coast/Hawke's Bay87.7%5.2%6.9%0.2%
Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast81.3%10.3%8.2%0.2%
Otago/South Canterbury80.4%11.6%7.7%0.3%
Southland/Central Otago82.1%11.2%6.4%0.3%
All New Zealand83.2%8.2%8.4%0.2% 

Statistics extracted from Statistics New Zealand.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019