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IBAHRI calls on Trump to re-evaluate stance on human rights

18 October 2017

In an open letter to the United States President, Donald Trump, the co-Chairs of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) call on President Trump to “re-evaluate [his] administration’s stance towards human rights, the judicial system and the rule of law”, and to openly commit to these principles at home and abroad.

The letter, signed by Baroness Helena Kennedy and Ambassador (ret) Hans Corell – is critical of actions, which the IBAHRI feels are ‘diametrically opposed to the defence of human rights’.

One area of particular concern is Mr Trump’s attempt to bar people from some Muslim-majority nations from entry into the United States.

“There appears to be a growing trend of discrimination within the United States, which was introduced with your initial Executive Order entitled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States. Not only did that Executive Order and its successor seek to impose an immigration ban on seven predominantly Muslim nations, it also severely curtailed the United States’ refugee programme.

“Your administration’s criterion of admittance for refugees, when based on religion, is an arbitrary and discriminatory condition.”

Other key concerns addressed in the letter include:

  • A growing trend of discrimination within the United States,
  • Growing incidences of hate speech and hate crimes,
  • The Executive’s increasing attacks on journalists,
  • The administration’s disrespect for the principle of judicial independence and the rule of law,
  • The use of armed drones,
  • Reduced funding of the United Nations,
  • Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement; and the
  • Condoning of torture.


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