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Immigration NZ updating Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa

14 November 2019

Immigration New Zealand says it is updating the Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa so that people who had arranged marriages overseas can apply for a visitor visa.

It says it is also giving more guidance for getting a general visitor visa to join a partner.

"People applying for a temporary visa to travel to New Zealand must genuinely intend a temporary stay in New Zealand for a lawful purpose," the agency says.

"We are updating our guidelines on how we assess if people who are travelling to New Zealand to join a partner, who they have not lived with, have a genuine intent.

"This advice will be communicated to staff and published on our website as an Internal Administration Circular within the next two weeks."

Immigration New Zealand has released a factsheet, Changes to Culturally Arranged Marriages visa category, which provides more information,.

Last updated on the 14th November 2019