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Invercargill property lawyer launches legal app for home buyers

19 September 2016

Buying a house can be one of the most stressful things you'll ever do.

A lawyer from the deep-south has launched what she says is an innovative app to untangle the legal twists and turns involved in buying a home.

Emma Stanley who started her own practice in her home city Invercargill 2 years ago came up with the idea for 'Easy Law' about three months ago.

"There didn't appear to be an app in New Zealand designed to bring together all the legal information potential homeowners needed," she says.

Miss Stanley involved Invercargill software companies Back 9 Creative Studio and Digital Stock to create a sleek looking and easy to navigate home-buying aid.

Emma Stanley gained her law degree at Victoria University and was admitted in 2005.

She has called the app 'Easy Law' so that it can be marketed to other law firms and potentially expanded to cover other legal areas.

"It's really exciting to see what direction it goes in from here," she says.

How does the App work?

'EasyLaw' is broken up into three sections and covers people who don't know where to start when buying a home, people who have found a property but don't know where to go from there, and people who have made an offer on a home and need information on completing the process.

It also has helpful legal definitions and checklists with one of the definitions linked to a dashboard so that Emma Stanley Law can gauge where a home-buyer is at during the process and whether they need help.

"It will save people a lot of time, stress and worry by having all the relevant information in one place in a simple format which demystifies the home-buying process," she says.

The 'Easy Law' app is available from the App Store on both Android and iPhone.

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