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Judicial salaries increased by 1.9%

16 November 2017

The Judicial Salaries and Allowances (2017/18) Determination 2017 has increased the salaries paid to New Zealand's judiciary by 1.9%.

The increase is for the period from 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2018. The amount paid to judges for principal allowances for general expenses has not increased from last year.

The determinations are made by the Remuneration Authority pursuant to the Remuneration Authority Act 1977. The Authority is required to have regard to a number of factors when setting judicial remuneration and allowances.

Judicial annual salary determinations (from date shown, NZ$). Excludes allowances
Judicial officer1-Oct-171-Oct-16Change
Chief Justice532,400522,5001.9%
Judge of Supreme Court499,800490,5001.9%
President of Court of Appeal499,800490,5001.9%
Judge of Court of Appeal469,200460,5001.9%
Chief High Court Judge467,200459,0001.8%
Judge of High Court446,800438,5001.9%
Associate Judge of High Court340,900334,5001.9%
Chief District Court Judge446,800438,5001.9%
Principal Family Court Judge388,200381,0001.9%
Principal Youth Court Judge366,300359,0002.0%
Principal Environment Judge366,300359,5001.9%
District Court Judge340,900334,5001.9%
Chief Judge of Employment Court424,400416,5001.9%
Judge of Employment Court384,200377,0001.9%
Chief Judge of Māori Land Court388,200381,0001.9%
Deputy Chief Judge of Māori Land Court366,300359,5001.9%
Judge of Māori Land Court340,900334,5001.9%

Last updated on the 16th September 2019