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Low alcohol display law change recommended

28 September 2016

The Justice and Electoral select committee's report on the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Display of Low-alcohol Beverages and Other Remedial Matters) Amendment Bill has been released, with a recommendation that it be passed with amendments.

The bill is aimed at clarifying minor issues identified with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. It would permit low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beer, wine and mead to be displayed for sale in the "single area" of supermarkets.

The bill would also clarify that a company can hold a licence under the Act.

The "single area" is the one area in a supermarket where alcohol can be displayed for sale. Currently low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beer, wine and mead products cannot be displayed in the single area because they do not fall within the definition of alcohol.

The bill was referred to the committee on 5 May 2016 and submissions closed on 6 June 2015. The committee received 30 submissions and heard from six submitters.

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