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Mobile access to recorded crime data improved

02 May 2018

The New Zealand Police has updated its statistics and data website to make mobile accessibility to recorded crime data easier.

The Police Data website launched in November of 2016 and has been a valuable resource providing data and statistics on recorded crime for the country since its inception.

“We’ve received feedback from regular users of the site, including members of the public and the media that it’s not as user-friendly as we want it to be,” says Mark Evans, Deputy Chief Executive: Strategy.

“The Police Data Analytics Team have been working to ensure data is more accessible by making use of new technology and to make it easier to download data, and rolling out new reports with more data, including calls for service and Police activities."

The latest website update went live on 30 April and the same day the Police also launched the ‘Crime Snapshot’ feature.

The Snapshot feature will make viewing crime data for a particular part of New Zealand more accessible.

The team also has plans underway to develop more reports in the same format.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019