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Revised fees framework released for people appointed to organisations of Crown interest

18 June 2019

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has released a modified fees framework for people appointed to organisations in which the Crown has an interest.

The modified Framework covers all statutory bodies, non-statutory bodies and committees in which the Crown has an interest, that are outside the Remuneration Authority’s or other fee-setting bodies’ jurisdiction.

This includes most Crown entities (including Crown Agents, Autonomous Crown Entities (ACEs) and tertiary education institutions), trust boards, advisory bodies and committees, Royal Commissions, Public Inquiries, Government Inquiries and Ministerial Inquiries, statutory tribunals, individuals appointed as statutory bodies that are not covered by the Remuneration Authority and some subsidiary bodies.

The Framework also provides guidance on the classification and remuneration of statutory and other Crown bodies. The Department says since the Framework covers a varied array of bodies, it is not intended to be prescriptive, and judgement will be required to determine best fit.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019