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New cyber security unit CERT NZ aimed at all New Zealanders

13 April 2017

The new cyber security unit CERT NZ is aimed at helping all New Zealanders respond to online threats.

CERT NZ has been launched by Communications Minister Simon Bridges, and it will sit at the centre of New Zealand's cyber security architecture to deliver on the core functions of incident reporting, response coordination, readiness support, vulnerability identification and threat identification.

The CERT website recognises the unit's function is to provide a service to all New Zealanders, and is organised for two different audiences: IT specialists, and Businesses and Individuals.

The language used and information provided for each audience is different. CERT NZ is intended to be the first place for New Zealanders to report a cyber incident, and the website provides an easy step-by-step process.

The website also provides information and advice on the different threats, along with best practice for protecting information and systems against cyber threats.

Mr Bridges says the launch of CERT NZ means New Zealand has joined a large and sophisticated global network of CERTs, and it will play an important role in developing and executing best practice processes and systems to prevent and respond to cyber security incidents.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019