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New rules for children visiting prisons from 1 September

26 July 2016

The Department of Corrections says new rules for children visiting prisons will take effect from 1 September 2016.

From that date, children under 16 will have to be approved before they can visit. This applies even if the child has visited a prison before.

The department says a prisoner wanting visits from a child under 16 will be required to initiate the application process by talking to unit staff. 

As long as there are no Court Orders prohibiting contact, a Child Visitor Application Form will be sent to the child's guardian to complete and return to the prison.

The form must be completed and returned before the application can be processed. The process is now similar to that used for adult visitors.

If the child is approved, the child's guardian will receive a letter to confirm this. The letter must be brought to the prison every time the approved child visits.

If the child is not approved, the guardian will receive a letter to advise them. If declined, the child cannot visit.

Visitor application forms are not available online. The department says "a last-minute rush of applications" could mean delays in approving child visitors.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019