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New website advises on buying and selling a home

14 February 2018

The Real Estate Authority has launched a new website,, which provides a wide range of information on buying and selling a home.

The website contains a range of resources, including a downloadable Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide, a mortgage calculator, videos on auctions and sale and purchase agreements, and buyer and seller settlement checklists.

The site recommends that buyers and sellers should get legal advice before signing anything. It recommends that those selling a property should choose a lawyer or conveyancer before they set out.

"Conveyancers are specialists in property law, while lawyers have a broader knowledge of law. Choose a lawyer or a conveyancer based on your budget and the complexity of the sale transaction," the site advises.

"A conveyancer is likely to cost less than a lawyer, but you may need a lawyer if there are issues with your sale."

Last updated on the 16th September 2019