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NZ Bar Association calls for resolution of court industrial dispute

16 November 2018

The New Zealand Bar Association says the current industrial dispute between the Ministry of Justice and court staff should be resolved as quickly as possible because of safety considerations.

NZBA Vice-President Jonathan Eaton QC says the association shares the concerns expressed by the New Zealand Law Society that the safety of people engaged in court processes is paramount.

"While we are not taking a position on the industrial dispute itself, we are strongly of the view that there needs to be a speedy resolution," he says.

Mr Eaton says on top of safety considerations, the escalating industrial action is creating uncertainty and another layer of stress for users of court services.

“We have already had a serious incident at the Christchurch District Court which may not have occurred if the industrial action between the Ministry of Justice and court staff was not in place. The Bar Association believes anyone using the courts should not have their personal safety placed at risk,” says Mr Eaton.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019