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Over 14% of Irish solicitors "Brexit refugees"

22 May 2019

The Law Society of Ireland says solicitors from England and Wales continue to register for practice in Ireland whil remaining at work in London, Brussels or elsewhere.

The Law Society Gazette says a total of 2,772 England and Wales solicitors have registered on the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland since 1 January 2016.

"For comparison purposes, up to and including 2015, there were, on average, 50 such registrations annually."

The Law Society says there are currently 19,688 on the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland, meaning the 2,772 new names from 2016 to date represent over 14% of that total.

"Remarkably, there are also approximately 700 more applications currently being processed. With the extension of the article 50 process granted to Britain by the EU27, how many 'Brexit refugee' names have appeared on the roll here by Halloween is anyone's guess."

Last updated on the 16th September 2019