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Research focuses on autistic people in criminal justice system

22 February 2018

Lawyers and others involved in the criminal justice system are being requested to assist with research into how New Zealand's criminal justice system can work better for autistic people.

Clinical psychologist Tanya Breen is carrying out the research as part of her work towards a PhD at Auckland University of Technology. She has considerable experience in autism.

She would like lawyers who know of an autistic person who has been a suspect, accused person, or defendant in a criminal trial to share information with them about the research. This is available online here.

"I want to know what it has been like for autistic people to be suspected, arrested, charged with a crime, tried in court, or sentenced," Ms Breen says.

"Even if they did not go to trial, they could still have some very useful things to say, and I'd like to hear from them. With their help, I want to make New Zealand's criminal justice system work better for autistic people."

Ms Breen says she guarantees that the identity of anyone who contacts her, and anyone that she interviews, will be protected and kept confidential.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019