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Signed A&I forms do not expire

11 April 2019

A signed Authority and Instruction (A&I) form does not expire and there is no limitation on how long you can rely on the A&I form, Land Information New Zealand says.

LINZ says it has received inquiries asking whether the forms expire over time.

"In the A&I forms approved by the New Zealand Law Society and Registrar-General of Land, the client irrevocably authorises and instructs the firm to register the instruments as an e-dealing (for example see section 4(e) of the Private Individual A&I form)," it says.

"However, regardless of whether a client has signed an approved A&I form or a different form of authority, the certifying practitioner should always consider whether the client’s authority and instruction is still valid at the time they come to certify the related instrument.

"It is up to the certifying practitioner to determine whether it is still appropriate to certify that they have proper authority to proceed, in light of the client’s original instructions and any relevant issues or change of circumstances since the A&I form was signed, or whether it is better to have the client sign a new A&I form."

Last updated on the 16th September 2019