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Social media: Are you a lurker, socialiser, entertainer or caring connector?

27 July 2017

Entertainers, Cautious Observers, Attention Seekers, Caring Connectors, Lurkers, Socialisers and Debaters.

According to a new report released by the Broadcasting Standards Authority, these are just some of the descriptors that New Zealand social media users fall into.

The BSA report, which explores whether broadcasters are held to a higher standard by the public when it comes to publishing or republishing social media content, reveals that New Zealanders want our broadcasters to ask permission before using their social media content and observe strict privacy standards when considering using individuals’ social media content.

“The research provides insights into how New Zealanders are thinking and their expectations. It offers a starting point for conversations that we believe are urgent,” says BSA Chief Executive, Belinda Moffat.

The report further explores how social media behaviour is increasingly motivated by publication and users make strategic decisions about content, audience and platform.

"Based on these findings, we see an opportunity to work with broadcasters to develop guidance about how and when to republish social media content that might affect personal rights," says Ms Moffat.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019