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State sector gender stocktake shows rise in proportion of women

11 May 2017

The results of the latest annual Ministry for Women gender stocktake of state sector boards and committees shows the participation rate of women on boards and committees was 45.3% at December 2016, up from 43.4% in 2015.

Information for the Ministry of Justice shows that 36.2% of appointed members were women.

The ministry says it counts the ministerial appointments to state sector boards and committees as at 31 December 2016. The data is taken from CAB 51 forms which are produced annually by the Cabinet Office.

The stocktake includes appointments made to state-sector boards and committees considered by the Cabinet Appointments and Honours Committee (APH) or other Cabinet committees, and appointments made by the Governor-General on the recommendation of a minister.

It does not include members who have been elected, appointed as members of professional groups without ministerial right of approval, ex-officio members, or current members of parliament appointees. The stocktake does not include temporary boards or committees which are established for a particular project.

The results for the Minister of Justice show there were 53 applicable boards at 31 December 2016 with 227 Ministerial appointed members, of whom 81 (35.7%) were women.

Of the 60 boards administered by the Ministry of Justice, 115 (36.2%) of the 318 ministerial appointed members were women.

Selected boards or committees administered by Ministry of Justice, 31 December 2016

Ministerial appointed

Women appointed by Minister% of Women
Accident Compensation Appeal Authority100.0%
Alcohol Regulatory & Licensing Authority4125.0%
Chief Coroner2150.0%
Chief Victims Adviser to Government11100.0%
Electoral Commission3133.3%
Environment Court351131.4%
Human Rights Commission6350.0%
Human Rights Review Tribunal13753.8%
Immigration & Protection Tribunal191368.4%
Independent Police Conduct Authority3133.3%
Judicial Complaints Lay Observer11100.0%
Judicial Conduct Commissioner2150.0%
Law Commission4250.0%
(Legal Aid) Review Authority100.0%
Legal Aid Tribunal4125.0%
Legal Complaints Review Officer3133.3%
NZ Lawyers and Conveyancers
Disciplinary Tribunal
Public Protection Order Review Panel6350.0%
Public Prosecution Order Review Panel6350.0%
Real Estate Agents Authority7457.1%
Real Estate Agents Disciplinary
Representation Commission5120.0%
Trans-Tasman Occupations Authority8450.0%
Visiting Justices261142.3%
Weathertight Homes Tribunal7228.6%
Wharerata Forest Ltd22100.0%

Last updated on the 16th September 2019