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Support for an Independent Commissioner for ACC oversight

05 October 2017

The Physiotherapy Trust New Zealand (PTNZ) is calling for an Independent Commissioner for ACC oversight.

“If the case history of ACC is considered it is clear since the inception of ACC, when it was regarded as world class and was overseen by three Commissioners, there has subsequently been trust issues arise between the corporation and the public as independence has been displaced with internal management,” says PTNZ Trustee, Graeme Hayhow.

“ACC being self-governing with only ministerial oversight has proven to be a graveyard for many of the ACC Ministers and almost for ACC.  This situation is not healthy for the individuals, ACC or New Zealand.  ACC should be example setting for every New Zealand business.”

Mr Hayhow says the Goddard Inquiry into physiotherapy and ACC recommended the appointment of an Independent Commissioner, but that this was sidelined with no explanation.

“With a fresh government and the need to also refresh New Zealand, The Physiotherapy Trust New Zealand urge that an Independent Commissioner be part of the resurrection of rehabilitation and help prevent continual questioning of ACC’s primary interests and structures,” Mr Hayhow says.

Last updated on the 16th September 2019