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Update to Trade Mark Practice Guidelines and Specifications

28 June 2018

The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) has updated its trade mark practice guidelines to reflect the following two items:

Introduction of new practice guideline on Absolute grounds – Geographical indications

IPONZ has added a new practice guideline relating to the office’s interpretation of Section 20 of the Trade Marks Act 2002, which specifies that trade marks that contain geographical indications must not be registered in certain circumstances.

View the new Trade Mark practice guideline 4a. Absolute grounds – Geographical indications.

Similarity of goods and services classes

IPONZ has recently reviewed its approach to the similarity of goods in classes 32 and 33. This is in light of the broadening of the range of beverages now made by beverage producers, international practice, and New Zealand and international case law.

As a result of the above review, IPONZ has added a new guideline regarding the similarity of goods in classes 32 and 33.

IPONZ has also released a new Conflicting Class Goods and Services List document to supplement its existing Conflicting Class Table.

View the updates to Trade Mark practice guideline 10. Relative grounds – identical or similar trade marks.

Conflicting Goods and Services List [PDF 729 KB]

Section 6.3 Conflicting goods – between classes 32 and 33

Last updated on the 16th September 2019