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Victims' Orders bill supported by select committee

24 June 2016

Parliament's Government Administration Committee has released a report on the Victims'Orders Against Violent Offenders Amendment Bill, with a recommendation that it be passed with amendments.

The clauses of the bill were formerly Part 26 of the Statutes Amendment Bill. 

The committee says amendments made by statutes amendment bills should be minor, technical, and non-controversial changes to existing legislation. It considers that the Statutes Amendment Bill is not the appropriate vehicle for the amendments to the Victims' Orders Against Violent Offenders Act 2014, as these do not adequately fit the criteria.

It says it therefore resolved to divide the Statutes Amendment Bill so that Part 26 became a separate bill.

The Statutes Amendment Bill was referred to the committee on 9 December 2015 with submissions closing on 29 January 2016.

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