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Whangaparaoa and Queenstown have newest lawyers

19 February 2019 - By Geoff Adlam

New Zealand Law Society information shows that Whangaparaoa, Queenstown and Whakatane have the largest proportion of new lawyers in New Zealand.

The information, compiled from practising certificates on issue at 1 February 2019, shows that nearly 58% of the 19 lawyers practising in Whangaparaoa had been admitted within the last 10 years. Nearly half the lawyers in Queenstown (48.9%) and Whakatane (46.5%) had been practising for 10 years or less.

The levels of lawyer experience show wide variation around the country. At the other end, 46.2% of lawyers in Hawera had been practising for 31 years or more, followed closely by Taupo and Warkworth (each 43.8% of lawyers).

Over the whole country, 35.6% of the 13,530 practising lawyers had been practising for 10 years or less, while 19.5% had been practising for 31 years or more. The average time in practice for all lawyers was 17 years and 4 months.

While some centres had a much higher proportion of new or more experienced lawyers, some - such as Feilding and Greymouth - had equal numbers.

Information for centres which had 10 lawyers or more is as follows:

New Zealand lawyers in practice at 1 February 2019
Centre0 to 10 years31 years +Average time since
Whangaparaoa57.9%15.8%12 yrs 2 mths19
Queenstown48.9%17.0%15 yrs 1 mths94
Whakatane46.5%20.9%16 yrs 5 mths43
Morrinsville42.9%21.4%17 yrs 0 mths14
Ashburton41.5%17.1%15 yrs 7 mths41
Orewa38.9%22.2%17yrs 4 mths18
Feilding38.5%38.5%22 yrs 11 mths13
Te Awamutu37.9%24.1%19 yrs 6 mths29
Auckland37.7%18.3%16 yrs 1 mths5845
Christchurch37.6%19.9%18 yrs 7 mths1278
New Plymouth37.0%19.7%17 yrs 1 mths127
Palmerston North36.9%27.0%19 yrs 9 mths122
Hamilton36.7%12.8%15 yrs 3 mths531
Wellington36.7%15.8%16 yrs 9 mths2488
Whanganui36.1%32.8%20 yrs 9 mths61
Invercargill36.1%27.0%19 yrs 7 mths122
Rotorua34.8%15.9%17 yrs 7 mths138
Wanaka34.6%30.8%20 yrs 2 mths26
Tauranga33.1%21.4%18 yrs 4 mths323
Timaru32.8%24.6%19 yrs 5 mths61
Oamaru31.6%36.8%21 yrs 10 mths19
Greymouth30.8%30.8%22 yrs 0 mths13
Gisborne30.6%24.2%19 yrs 11 mths62
Dunedin30.4%26.4%20 yrs 6 mths299
Lower Hutt29.0%22.6%18 yrs 9 mths217
Whangarei28.7%18.9%19 yrs 0 mths143
Porirua28.3%24.5%19 yrs 7 mths53
Rangiora28.2%25.6%20 yrs 10 mths39
Cambridge28.0%24.0%19 yrs 3 mths25
Te Puke27.3%9.1%16 yrs 9 mths11
Hastings27.2%20.7%19 yrs 9 mths92
Paraparaumu27.0%24.3%21 yrs 6 mths37
Blenheim26.2%23.0%20 yrs 11 mth61
Upper Hutt26.1%39.1%23 yrs 8 mths23
Thames25.0%37.5%22 yrs 10 mths16
Nelson24.9%24.9%21 yrs 0 mths173
Masterton24.3%29.7%20 yrs 3 mths37
Kaikohe22.2%16.7%18 yrs 7 mths18
Napier22.0%29.7%22 yrs 7 mths118
Kaitaia21.4%14.3%19 yrs 0 mths14
Matamata21.1%36.8%24 yrs 1 mths19
Havelock North18.2%36.4%24 yrs 1 mths11
Mt Maunganui17.2%44.8%25 yrs 0 mths29
Levin16.7%44.4%25 yrs 10 mths18
Hawera15.4%46.2%27 yrs 9 mths13
Waikanae15.0%35.0%24 yrs 2 mths20
Taupo14.6%43.8%25 yrs 1 mths48
Kerikeri14.3%42.9%25 yrs 0 mths28
Warkworth12.5%43.8%28 yrs 9 mths16
Gore8.3%33.3%22 yrs 8 mths12
All New Zealand35.6%19.5%17 yrs 4 mths13,530

Last updated on the 16th September 2019