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27 February 2020

COVID 19 temporary entry restrictions (12 March 2020)

12 March 2020 The New Zealand Customs Service says the Government has announced temporary restrictions on travellers arriving in New Zealand from mainland China or Iran as a precautionary measure to protect against the spread of COVID-19.The restrictions prevent foreign nationals travelling from or transiting through mainland China or... More about COVID 19 temporary entry restrictions.

Bills introduced to Parliament (12 March 2020)

12 March 2020 Two bills have been introduced to Parliament.Child Support Amendment BillThe Child Support Amendment Bill amends the Child Support Act 1991. It aims to simplify penalty rules, introduces payment of financial support by compulsory deduction, imposes a time bar of four years, and inserts a new definition... More about Bills introduced to Parliament.

IBA condemns British treatment of Julian Assange in extradition trial (12 March 2020)

12 March 2020 The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) has condemned the reported mistreatment of journalist Julian Assange during his United States extradition trial, and is urging the British government to take action to protect him.IBAHRI says, according to his lawyers, Mr Assange was handcuffed 11 times;... More about IBA condemns British treatment of Julian Assange in extradition trial.

Last updated on the 27th February 2020