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New Zealand Law Society congratulates Justice Winkelmann

18 December 2018

The New Zealand Law Society has congratulated the Hon Justice Helen Winkelmann on her appointment as Chief Justice of New Zealand and as a Judge of the Supreme Court.

“Justice Winkelmann has had an impressive career in legal practice and on the bench,” New Zealand Law Society President Kathryn Beck says.

“She was appointed to the High Court in 2004 and as Chief High Court Judge in 2009. Appointed to the Court of Appeal in 2015, she has spent time as both a trial judge and an appellate judge. Her time as Chief High Court Judge also means she has experience in judicial administration.

“Justice Winkelmann has several times said she sees the big issue facing the judiciary and legal profession as how they can enable people who have pressing legal issues and needs to access the courts. This is of genuine concern to her and she has been one of the leading voices in this discussion for some time.”

“She has also talked recently about the need for our profession and the judiciary to be more representative of the community we serve and the need to encourage people from diverse backgrounds into law.

“The legal profession welcomes her appointment.”


Last updated on the 18th December 2018