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NZ Law Society says Chinese human rights set back by lawyer arrests

03 August 2015

The recent mass arrests and detention of lawyers and law firm staff in China are a major setback to Chinese human rights, the New Zealand Law Society says.

Law Society President Chris Moore says an independent legal profession is one of the cornerstones of any society where the rights of citizens are protected.

While many of those who were detained now appear to have been released, it is vital that the recent events are not forgotten or ignored, he says.

"It is a sad day when lawyers are subjected to arrest, detention or harassment purely because they are carrying out their professional duties and upholding the rule of law.

"When a government threatens the safety of lawyers as appears to have happened in China, lawyers elsewhere need to speak out. The New Zealand Law Society joins and supports many other lawyers' organisations around the world in strongly condemning the actions of the Chinese government."


Last updated on the 3rd August 2015