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The Law Society is now on Instagram!

16 April 2019


The New Zealand Law Society is now on Instagram!

You can keep up to date on news and events from the Law Society and the wider legal profession.

Instagram is an image-based social media platform that provides a way for networks and communities to interact. We have set up this avenue to do 3 things:

Keep lawyers up to date on legal news and collegial events

Changes happen fast in this profession. Instagram is an easy way to keep you up to speed with what's going on. You won't miss out on legal events near you.

We also want to celebrate the work of legal organisations from around Aotearoa. With Instagram we can bring you closer to people doing great things in the industry.

Enable future lawyers to have an insight into the legal profession

Becoming a lawyer is a challenging pathway. Students are busy. Once practising they find themselves being regulated by an organisation they may know little about – the New Zealand Law Society.

An Instagram page is one way of helping the people who are the future of the legal services industry to be aware of the opportunities that await them. They can access information on the transition from student to lawyer. We also hope to offer inspiration on how future lawyers can bring their own change to New Zealand law. The inspirational video and conference address by new Law Society President Tiana Epati are great examples of this.

Offer lawyers' clients and the public access to legal industry news and information about our services

The wider community can get information on our wide variety of services, and any updates on changes to these. Legal current events, law reform activities and community notices will often be added to give a perspective on the activities of the Law Society and legal profession.

You can find our page here.

We endeavour to follow Instagram’s terms of use and uphold our privacy policy.


Last updated on the 16th April 2019