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Ian Philip Wollerman, 1917 - 2015

Ian Wollerman died in Victoria, Australia on 22 August 2015 as the result of injuries received in a motor vehicle accident. He was aged 98.

Mr Wollerman had a long legal career in the Wairarapa and was one of the founders of the firm which became WCM Legal, a division of WCM Legal Ltd, with offices in Carterton, Greytown, Featherston and at Wilson & Co, a division of WCM Legal Ltd, in Wellington.

Mr Wollerman began his working life with the Department of Justice. After admission as a barrister and solicitor he moved to Carterton in 1955 and joined the firm Major Gooding, of which he became the principal, with the firm becoming Major Gooding & Wollerman.

The firm merged with two other firms in Greytown and Featherston in 1981 to become Wollerman Cooke & McClure. It was renamed WCM Legal in December 2006 and merged with Wilson & Co in 2012.

Mr Wollerman was appointed Transport Licensing Authority in 1992. He was New Zealand's last Transport Licensing Authority, as the role was abolished when the transport industry was deregulated. 

He returned to practise part-time in Carterton until 1997 when he finally retired and moved to Australia.


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