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IFLR1000 rankings released

27 October 2016

The IFLR1000 2017 Guide to Leading Financial Law Firms has been published, with 55 New Zealand lawyers rated as Financial and Corporate Leading Lawyers, and one rated as a Rising Star.

IFLR - the International Financial Law Review - was first published in 1982 and is a London-based organisation. It is owned by Euromoney Institutional Investor plc. Euromoney is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The first rankings were published by IFLR in 1990 and it now covers over 120 jurisdictions. The rankings are based on three criteria: peer feedback (through a survey of law firm partners), client feedback (through a client survey), and analysis of statistics on transaction values and volumes.

Individual lawyers can be ranked as "Leading lawyers". IFLR says these are individuals who have proved themselves to be among the leading figures in their respective markets. "As well as receiving recommendations from clients and peers these individuals will also have a clear track record of innovative work."

Rising stars  are individuals considered by the market to be the Leading lawyers of the future. "Often more junior members of the firm they will have demonstrated their skills and potential by already advising on innovative transactions," IFLR says.

The New Zealand section of the guide shows that Bell Gully is the firm with the most Leading Lawyers, with 10, followed by Minter Ellison Rudd Watts (7), Simpson Grierson (7), Buddle Findlay (6) and Chapman Tripp (6).

Rachel Dunne of Chapman Tripp is named as a Rising Star.

New Zealand Leading Lawyers and Rising Star, IFLR 2017 Guide.
Michael AndersonLowndes
Andrew BeatsonBell Gully
Deemple BudhiaRussell McVeagh
Geoff BuschAnderson Lloyd
David CoullBell Gully
Martin DalgleishKensington Swan
Tony DellowBuddle Findlay
Garry DownsBell Gully
Grant DunnBuddle Findlay
Rachel DunneChapman Tripp
Peter EadySimpson Grierson
Tom FailMinter Ellison Rudd Watts
Gerald FitzgeraldKensington Swan
Paul FoleyMinter Ellison Rudd Watts
James GibsonBell Gully
Sean GollinMinter Ellison Rudd Watts
Chris GordonBell Gully
Pip GreenwoodRussell McVeagh
Andrew HarknessSimpson Grierson
Andrew HarmosHarmos Horton Lusk
Michael HarperChapman Tripp
Peter HintonSimpson Grierson
David HoareRussell McVeagh
Greg HortonHarmos Horton Lusk
Don HolborowSimpson Grierson
Dan HughesAnthony Harper
Matthew KerseyRussell McVeagh
Hugh KettleBell Gully
Murray KingBell Gully
Kate LaneMinter Ellison Rudd Watts
Laurie MayneMayne Wetherell
Brigid McArthurGreenwood Roche Chisnall
David McPhersonBell Gully
Neil MillarMinter Ellison Rudd Watts
Mei NahMayne Wetherell
Steve NightingaleBuddle Findlay
Paul OldfieldHarmos Horton Lusk
Peter OwlesBuddle Findlay
Ross PenningtonChapman Tripp
David PerryBuddle Findlay
Michael PollardSimpson Grierson
John PowellRussell McVeagh
Cathy QuinnMinter Ellison Rudd Watts
Michael RobinsonSimpson Grierson
Dermot RossDermot Ross
Sarah SinclairMinter Ellison Rudd Watts
John StrowgerChapman Tripp
Michael TingeyBell Gully
Will TippingMayne Wetherell
Dave TruemanSimpson Grierson
Tim TubmanChapman Tripp
Simon VodanovichBuddle Findlay
Roger WallisChapman Tripp
Dave WetherellMayne Wetherell
Mike WhaleLowndes
Haydn WongBell Gully


Last updated on the 28th October 2016