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Riverbank Chambers newly opened

15 November 2019

A new barristers’ chambers have opened in Hamilton.

Currently, six principal barristers, five additional barristers and administration staff occupy Riverbank Chambers, the largest in the Waikato/Bay of plenty.

The principals of Riverbank Chambers are David O'Neill, Phil Lang, Melanie O'Neill, Philip Corneg√©, James Gurnick and Truc Tran.

The other current members of Riverbank Chambers are Maria Cole, Emma Miles, Martin Dillon, Paul Depledge and Fleur Oback.

Hon Paul Heath QC and Royden Hindle, both barristers of Bankside Chambers in Auckland, have become Associate Members of Riverbank Chambers.

The premises is located on level 5 of the newly refurbished The Riverbanks building on Hamilton’s Victoria Street, which looks over the Waikato river.

Members of Riverbank Chambers provide advice and advocacy on commercial, civil, criminal, employment, family, local government, public, regulatory and resource management disputes. Some members act as arbitrators and mediators.

Last updated on the 15th November 2019