New Zealand Law Society - NEW IN THE LAW: Thea Davison, Solicitor, Wain & Naysmith

NEW IN THE LAW: Thea Davison, Solicitor, Wain & Naysmith

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Born in the town of Rugby, England, Thea Davison moved to Australia in 1999 where her family settled on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Thea finished High School in Sydney moving to Wellington to attend Victoria University of Wellington: “I was unsure on what to do so started studying English and Media Studies.”

After her first trimester, Thea changed to a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in marketing and in the third year of her BCom, started her law degree.

Thea graduated from Victoria in April 2016 and was admitted eight months later in December.

After graduating and admission, Thea moved to Blenheim.

“I moved back in with my parents after university. They live on a lifestyle block where there are emus, llamas, horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, poultry, dogs and cats.”

Why did you choose to practise law? 

“I chose to practise law because I enjoy the stories that people bring with them when they come into the office. 

“I find it interesting to apply something theoretical to a real situation and find a solution that combines both theory and practicality.

“I have always enjoyed reading and research and there is plenty of that in the law.”

Like a lot of lawyers, Thea has always enjoyed debating and sharing ideas with other people. Which makes practising law a perfect fit.

Thea works as a general practitioner and works in many diverse areas.

"I’m doing lots of different things at the office to learn how things actually work in practice and find my footing and my interest in the field.”

What was your first legal job? 

“My first legal job was as an assistant at Wain & Naysmith before moving into my current role as a solicitor at Wain & Naysmith.”

How do you disengage from work in your spare time? 

Thea enjoys writing stories, reading and attending to her aquarium hobby. “I hope to get my own horse to take up my old hobby of horse riding.”

What was your favourite paper at law school? 

“My favourite paper was commercial law. It had a grounded and practical approach where it was easy to see the application to real scenarios.”

What three things do you like about living in Marlborough? 

“I like the lifestyle that the area gives me: the vineyards, the beaches and the walking tracks."

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