New Zealand Law Society - Marian Jozef Glazewski, 1947 - 2014

Marian Jozef Glazewski, 1947 - 2014

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By Alan Vane, Partner, Le Pine & Co.

I said of John Corry, former founder and partner of Le Pine & Co, on his death, that it is common in obituaries for lawyers to praise soundness of judgement, academic and technical excellence, unswerving dedication to serving client interests, integrity and honesty, fearless advance of client cases, and substantial and never ending contributions to community organisations and causes.

I said that John Corry had all of those qualities and more. I say the same, in equal measure about Marian Glazewski – a remarkable and dedicated solicitor, friend, and a truly most gentle man who unhesitatingly and selflessly lent his wisdom, guidance and mentoring to many of the solicitors practising in Taupo, whether at Le Pine & Co or not.

That said, life was not without challenges for Marian. Starting I suspect from being born in Germany in the aftermath of World War II. Perhaps that start in life and the humble Polish family in which he was raised in New Zealand imbued Marian with a relentless drive for perfection and order, characteristics that dominated his professional and personal life, for those that knew or had dealings with him (his “reminder tickler box” system was a marvel to behold and is still a mystery to those of us left behind trying to understand and decipher its workings).

The same drive saw him overcome personal issues later in his life but sadly, despite Marian’s best efforts could not overcome the cancer which ultimately claimed him.

Marian, your wisdom, calmness, humility, professionalism, friendship, guidance and support will be sadly missed by all of us at Le Pine & Co, but you have left us as a legacy a model for all of us to aspire to.

Marian Glazewski was born in Germany to Polish parents and arrived in New Zealand in June 1949 aged two and a half years. His family lived in Bulls for 18 months, then Waitotara, where his father farmed. The family moved to Wanganui in 1957.

In 1965 Marian moved to Wellington to study law at Victoria University of Wellington. He began work at Rainey Collins Amour Boock Solicitors in Wellington in November 1969, was admitted to the bar in the High Court at Wellington on 27 February 1970 and was capped with his LLB degree on 6 May 1970.

In November 1970 Marian moved to Taupo, to begin work at Le Pine & Co, the law firm where he would spend the rest of his career. He took over the practice of Dick Hampton who was retiring. He later recalled that there was a lot of subdivision work and he was involved in the sale of all of the lots in the Richmond Heights subdivision as the vendor’s solicitor.

Marian’s career flourished and he became senior partner of Le Pine & Co in 1980. His main fields of work were in the property leasing, trust and commercial areas.

Marian and his first wife Jill, from whom he later separated, had five children, three of whom became lawyers. He later said they had done so without any prompting from him, and despite declaring that they would not do so.

Marian married Judy in December 2013.

His passion for the law shone through all his work. He said he enjoyed the logical process of the law, which fitted with his logical mind.

Marian passed away in Taupo on 16 May 2014. His family was at his side.

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