New Zealand Law Society - The Honourable Rex Mason Prize 2019

The Honourable Rex Mason Prize 2019

Submissions for the Honourable Rex Mason Prize for excellence in legal writing from have closed. The winner will be announced later in the year.

To be eligible for the award entries must have been published in a New Zealand legal publication between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019.

In determining the best articles the judges shall be guided by:

  1. The educational value of each article
  2. The literary value of each article
  3. The ability of each article to stimulate awareness in young lawyers of the nature and function of law as seen in and derived from practical experience
  4. The extent to which each article draws attention to the need for development of law in times of social change
  5. The extent to which each article stimulates the interest of practising members of the legal profession
  6. Submissions for the prizes should be send on the official entry form to:
    1. Branch Manager, Wellington Branch, New Zealand Law Society, P O Box 5041, Wellington 6140
    2. Or delivered to Level 4, 17 Whitmore Street, Wellington 6140

Submissions should include:

  1. the full name/s of the author/authors
  2. the full text of the article in hard copy
  3. the date on which it was published
  4. the publication in which it was published
  5. an account of how the article to be submitted matches the criteria set out in the Trust Deed
  6. All entries must be accompanied by the Official Entry Form.
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