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Law Alive: The New Zealand Legal System in Context, 3rd Edition

By Grant Morris

Grant Morris is a senior lecturer in law at Victoria University. He aims to move beyond the focus on key legal skills and to provide a wider vision of New Zealand’s legal system, the way it reflects modern society and the changing roles of participants and institutions. Oxford University Press, January 2015, 978-0-558524-7, 271 pages, paperback, $95 (GST included, p&h excluded).

Murder That Wasn’t

By Felicity Goodyear-Smith

George Gwaze is the only person in New Zealand to have been tried for a second time after being acquitted. Auckland University medical Professor Goodyear-Smith examines the case, which she says shows how a fixed mindset can emerge at the outset of an investigation and be perpetuated every step along the way. Otago University Press, January 2015, 978-1-877578-99-1, 179 pages, paperback, $35 (GST included, p&h excluded).

New Zealand Employment Law Guide 2015

By Richard Rudman

Richard Rudman’s annual guide to employment law includes amendments to the Employment Relations Act due to take effect on 6 March 2015, plus November 2014 case law. While it is a resource for lawyers, the guide is also intended to provide plain English assistance to anyone involved in employment. CCH New Zealand Ltd, January 2015, 978-1-775470-94-6, 619 pages, paperback and e-book, $84 (GST and p&h excluded).

Proceeds of Crime Law in New Zealand

By Heather McKenzie

Christchurch Crown Prosecutor Heather McKenzie has written the first specialised text on the law surrounding the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009. Her objective is to provide a practical reference for practitioners. LexisNexis NZ Ltd, February 2015, 978-1-927313-05-3, 457 pages, paperback, $100 (GST included, p&h excluded).

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