New Zealand Law Society - Snapshot of the Profession

Snapshot of the Profession

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Download Snapshot of the Profession 2015 (PDF)

The information in the 2015 Snapshot has been prepared from a number of sources, including practising certificates issued by the New Zealand Law Society and held as at 1 February 2015. The intention is to give a picture of the make-up of New Zealand’s legal profession at a point in time. The statistics focus on identifying the key elements and trends among the 12,480 people who practise law in New Zealand.

The Snapshot includes data on: 

  • Practising Certificates on issue
  • Admission to the Legal Profession
  • Retention
  • Gender
  • Types of practice
  • Time in practice
  • Law firm size
  • Areas of practice
  • Location
  • Judiciary
  • Census 2013
  • The Legal Services Industry
  • Legal aid

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