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Burrows and Carter Statute Law in New Zealand, 5th edition

By Ross Carter

First published in 1992, this updates the 2009 fourth edition. Parliamentary Counsel Ross Carter is sole author for the first time. The work is a guide to statutory interpretation and also the preparation and presentation of legislation in New Zealand. It includes discussion of the Treaty of Waitangi and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. The law is stated as at 13 March 2015.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, May 2015, 978-1-927248-10-2, 706 pages, paperback and e-book, $120 (GST included, p&h excluded).

Directors’ Powers and Duties, 2nd edition

By Peter Watts

Auckland University law professor Peter Watts considers the law relating to directors’ powers and duties. This is written for legal practitioners and aims to distil general principles, to illustrate their application, and to provide suggested solutions in areas which remain contentious or unsettled. The first edition was published in 2009 and the law is stated as at February 2015.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, May 2015, 978-1-927227-98-5, 373 pages, paperback and e-book, $195 (GST included, p&h excluded).

Hinde on Commercial Leases, 3rd edition

By GW Hinde

This is chapter 11 of the looseleaf version of Hinde McMorland and Sim Land Law in New Zealand. George Hinde died in October and Professor Don McMorland has written the Preface, explaining that Professor Hinde’s major work during this last years was a complete rewrite and then regular updating of chapter 11. The book captures the text immediately after his final update in 2014. The work is a modern exposition of the law relating to leases and (non-residential) tenancies, with a focus on providing practical guidance.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, May 2015, 978-1-927313-40-4, 513 pages, paperback, $190 (GST included, p&h excluded).

Legal Response to Natural Disasters

Edited by Jeremy Finn and Elizabeth Toomey

The Canterbury earthquakes showed there was a dearth of information and guidance for professionals to deal with the legal issues which arose in the aftermath. Professors Finn and Toomey have brought together a collection of essays which look at different aspects of the legal issues which are attendant on a natural disaster (not only earthquakes). The law is stated as at 1 November 2014.

Thomson Reuters Ltd, May 2015, 978-0-864729-05-7, 377 pages, paperback, $100 (GST excluded, p&h excluded).

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