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Burrows and Cheer: Media Law in New Zealand, 7th edition

By Ursula Cheer

This comprehensively updates the edition published in 2010, particularly in the areas of defamation, privacy, breach of confidence, contempt, court reporting and media complaints bodies. A new chapter on the New Zealand advertising standards regime has also been added. University of Canterbury law professor Ursula Cheer says the work is aimed at law and journalism students, editors and media personnel, and lawyers who advise clients and judges who apply the law.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, July 2015, 978-1-927248-09-6, 995 pages, paperback and e-book, $175 (GST included, p&h excluded).


Insurance Claims in New Zealand

By Paul Michalik and Christopher Boys

Noting that claims are the sharp end of insurance law, the authors say they have tried to use a practical and relatively informal approach to produce a handbook and legal reference tool for those who come to consider insurance claims. Their aim is to make some original contribution to the analysis of insurance law, as well as an accessible and accurate text on the New Zealand law.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, June 2015, 978-1-927248-26-3, 313 pages, paperback and e-book, $150 (GST included, p&h excluded).


International and Cross-Border Taxation in New Zealand

By Craig Elliffe

Auckland University Professor Craig Elliffe says he aims to provide a guide to the New Zealand international tax system. There is a particular focus on transactions that are cross-border involving either New Zealanders investing overseas, or foreigners investing in New Zealand. He stresses that the book deals with the “nitty-gritty” of the detailed New Zealand domestic tax law implications of cross-border investment.

Thomson Reuters Ltd, June 2015, 978-0-864728-99-9, 765 pages, paperback, $190 (GST and p&h excluded). selected issues, 4th edition

By David Harvey

This comes four years after the last edition and with many new developments and issues. Judge David Harvey says significant new content has been added, along with a new chapter to deal with domain name disputes, and another dealing with harassment and online speech harms. He notes that the text is as current as he can make it, given that the field is constantly changing and transforming.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, July 2015, 978-1-927248-13-3, 651 pages, paperback and e-book, $170 (GST included, p&h excluded).


McMorland on Easements, Covenants and Licences

By DW McMorland

This is taken from chapters 16, 17 and 18 of the looseleaf publication Hinde McMorland and Sim Land Law in New Zealand. It is current to 27 March 2015. Each of the component areas of law are given detailed coverage.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, July 2015, 978-1-927313-45-9, 245 pages, paperback, $190 (GST included, p&h excluded).


The Concept of Mens Rea in International Criminal Law: The Case for a Unified Approach

By Mohamed Elwa Badar

Northumbria University legal academic Mohamed Badar has also served as a judge and senior prosecutor for the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. His study makes a comparative analysis of the world’s major legal systems and international criminal tribunals. England, Australia and Canada are included, but not New Zealand. It looks at the general principles which underlie the various approaches to the subjective elements required in perpetration and participation in crimes.

Hart Publishing (England), June 2015, 978-1-849469-14-2, 542 pages, paperback, £40 (p&h excluded).

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