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Health and Safety at Work in New Zealand: Know the Law

By Rachael Schmidt-McCleave and Stacey Shortall

Following the coming into force of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 on 4 April 2016, this has been written as a guide to the new legislation. The Act is not included but there are extensive references throughout to relevant sections. There are 11 chapters, each of which considers one aspect of workplace health and safety law. These include PCBUs, workers under the Act, inspectors and health and safety medical practitioners, investigations and information on specific industries. Two chapters look at enforcement and sentencing. Relevant New Zealand and Australian case law is discussed along with policy considerations which helped shape the new law and the relationship of various provisions to the 1992 Act.

Thomson Reuters Ltd, 978-0-947486-01-3, April 2016, 266 pages, paperback, $110 (GST and p&h not included).

The Law of Secured Credit

By Barry Allan

“The provision of credit is the lifeblood of the economy,” Supreme Court judge Mark O’Regan says in a foreword to this substantial work by University of Otago academic Barry Allan. Mr Allan sets himself the task of bringing together the different legal strands which cover the giving of credit, securing it, enforcing rights on default, through to redress on insolvency. This requires discussion and analysis of property law, real and personal property securities law, consumer credit law, insolvency law and the law of personal guarantees. Australian law on the same topics is analysed and compared with our law. Justice O’Regan concludes that the book will be a convenient first port of call for issues relating to consumer credit, PPSA and real property security issues, insolvency and more for those who are engaged in transactions in this field.

Thomson Reuters Ltd, 978-0-864729-39-2, April 2016, 1,929 pages, paperback, $340 (GST and p&h not included).

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