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Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Company Secretaries in New Zealand, 5th edition

By Silvana Schenone and Igor Drinkovic

Minter Ellison Rudd Watts partner Silvana Schenone and senior solicitor Igor Drinkovic have produced the latest edition of a work which was first published in 1989. They say their aim is to produce a useful practical guide to directors that can assist them to discharge their duties in the best possible way. The book is divided into 13 chapters, each of which is subdivided into succinct paragraphs with explanatory headings. The chapters follow a logical order, from Directors: Defintion and Role, through Eligibility and Appointment, Termination of Office, Remuneration, Powers, Duties to Special Powers under the Companies Act. Meetings procedure, disclosure, criminal and civil liability, shareholder litigation and insider trading are also covered. Case law and legislation references are given throughout, with footnotes kept to a minimum. A legislation finding list, case table and index are included.

CCH New Zealand Ltd, 978-1-775471-25-7, June 2016, 332 pages, paperback and e-book, $120 (GST and delivery not included).

Residential Care Subsidies Handbook

By Vicki Ammundsen

Trust lawyer Vicki Ammundsen uses a question and answer format to cover the law and practical issues around residential care subsidies. An introductory summary of the residential care regime notes that the focus is on people in the 65-and-over age group. The bulk of the book consists of over 140 questions and answers on topics arranged under 10 subject headings, such as Financial means assessment, Spouses and partners, Residential care loans, and Rights of appeal and assessment. Where appropriate the answers include references to online resources or legislation. The third part of the book contains eight short case studies on scenarios such as negative trust equity, resolving issues regarding recalcitrant trustees, and the decision in Bridgford v Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development [2013] NZCA 410. Excerpts from relevant legislation are included as an appendix along with the New Zealand Gazette notice regarding capped costs of care.

CCH New Zealand Ltd, 978-1-775471-64-6, December 2015, 153 pages, paperback and e-book, $80 (GST and delivery not included).

Campbell on Caveats, 2nd edition

By Neil Campbell QC

The first edition was published in August 2012 and, like this new edition, was drawn from Chapter 10 of the looseleaf/online Hinde McMorland & Sim Land Law in New Zealand. The book retains the paragraph numbering used in the looseleaf. The text is divided into six main sections, each of which looks at the nature, legislation and case law of the six different kinds of caveat provided for by the Land Transfer Act 1952. Extensive footnotes are provided at the end of each of the 33 sub-sections. Tables of cases, statutes and abbreviations are included.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, 978-1-927313-53-4, May 2016, 115 pages, paperback, $100 (GST included, delivery not included).

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