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This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

Geoff Adlam’s otherwise excellent article on Queen’s Counsel in LawTalk 927, April 2019 contains an error at p73, in his list of longest-serving Queen’s Counsel still in practice. He states that Alan Galbraith QC who was appointed in April 1987, is followed in this respect by Nigel Hampton QC, appointed in May 1989. This overlooks the fact that my own appointment was in March 1988 and that I have continued to serve until the present time.

CS Withnall QC

Geoff Adlam replies

Mr Withnall is, of course, correct and I sincerely apologise for this omission. The correct list should read: “New Zealand’s longest-serving Queen’s Counsel still in legal practice is Robert Fisher QC, who was appointed on 1 August 1985. He is followed by James Farmer QC (appointed on 8 May 1986), Alan Galbraith QC (appointed 6 April 1987), Colin Withnall QC (appointed 4 March 1988) and Nigel Hampton QC (appointed 17 May 1989).”

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