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Two recent legal books

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Principles of Criminal Law, 5th edition

By Andrew P Simester and Warren Brookbanks

As the title states, this is a comprehensive analysis of the principles which underlie New Zealand’s criminal law. A logical arrangement starts with a chapter on the definition and application of criminal law and a final, 21st chapter ending with an essay on the moral limits of criminalisation. The first edition appeared 21 years ago and the authors say their commitment “remains strong in explaining in clear and comprehensible terms, the doctrines and rules of criminal law, both in the general part and for specific offences of the Crimes Act 1961”. The authors also state that since the 4th edition six years ago, an increasingly confident Supreme Court is now building a modern criminal law for New Zealand through a series of leading decisions. “Thoughtful judgments have helped to make New Zealand’s criminal law jurisprudence an example of principled lawmaking for the common law world.” Professor Neil Boister is author of the chapter on culpable homicide with Professors Simester and Brookbanks writing the rest. The student market is a key focus, but this is a definitive text which is often cited in our courts.

Thomson Reuters NZ Ltd, 978-1-988553-79-5, March 2019, paperback and e-book, 1100 pages, $150 (GST and postage not included).

Todd on Torts, 8th edition

By Stephen Todd, Cynthia Hawes, Bill Atkin and Ursula Cheer

First published in 1991, this has become established as one of the classics of New Zealand legal publishing. Its popular title has now become its official title, replacing the more descriptive The Law of Torts in New Zealand which was used for the first seven editions. General Editor Stephen Todd notes that while the last edition was published in early 2016, some important developments in the torts field mean a new edition is needed. The 26 chapters in what is now a massive tome give comprehensive coverage to all aspects of the law of torts in this country. The focus is on explaining the law that has developed and considering the directions in which it is evolving both here and in other common law jurisdictions. Scholarly, practical and authoritative, the cover states that it is the book which is most frequently cited in decisions of New Zealand’s courts.

Thomson Reuters NZ Ltd, 978-1-988553-81-8, April 2019, paperback and e-book, 1572 pages, $219 (GST and postage not included).

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