New Zealand Law Society - A letter to the Editor

A letter to the Editor

Many of us will have read the work of Geoff Adlam over the years, either in this publication which he edited or through the many news stories, media releases and editions of LawPoints. After ten years with the Law Society Geoff is hanging up his mouse, handing over the reins of LawTalk which he has so ably edited as well as the management of us – the communications team – who have a deep respect for our former leader.

As Editor of LawTalk, Geoff brought together his skills and experience honed in journalism and law to provide informed, entertaining and practical articles. His ethos for the role was that an informed profession was a regulated one, walking the tightrope between the Law Society’s roles as regulator and representative body with finesse.

In that sense he has produced a wealth of information – articles, bulletins, statements and the ever-popular snapshots of the profession. He also worked with a number of contributors to ensure the voice of the profession was always heard.

Former Law Society President Kathryn Beck says Geoff “seemed completely unflappable and nothing shocked him. Well nothing seemed to, I would hate to play him at poker!

“He has a good feel for what is important. If you look back over copies of LawTalk topics had often been covered before they became issues in the broader sense.”

With his unique blend of courtroom and newsroom experience Geoff could cover press releases which required legal expertise through his own knowledge or knowing where to find the right information. He was also a conduit between media and lawyers, connecting those in the best place to speak to the issues of the day.

Despite a front that doesn’t give away any secrets, Geoff has a huge sense of empathy, humour, wit and sharp intellect which inspired his team. And thanks to him, many of us will never forget how to spell ‘practising’.

Geoff isn’t considering himself retiring. The phrase is far too prescriptive. He will however continue to write for various publications and pursue writing another novel. Come summer, he will have time for many a round of golf.

On behalf of past employees, contacts, and ourselves, we would like to thank Geoff for his Managing of LawTalk, and for being our Manager.

The Comms team

Response from the Editor

Thank you to the Law Society's communications team for the very kind words. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team (who are listed on the contents page) and others in the Law Society. Their innovative spirit, professionalism and ability to work during the lockdown and the abrupt relocation from Waring Taylor Street has been impressive. I am also greatly appreciative of the chance I've had to work with and be part of the legal profession and community over the years. It is full of very clever and innovative people who are finding ways to overcome the issues which it faces in areas such as ethnicity, gender, workplace environment, access to justice and more effective ways of delivering legal services.

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