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Reviewed by Frank Neill

Law of Charity – 2nd edition

By Juliet Chevalier-Watts

Just as charity is an important part of society, so this book is an important resource for those involved in charity and charitable trusts. A leading scholar on the subject, Juliet Chevalier-Watts provides a detailed and authoritative commentary on New Zealand’s law as it relates to charities and charitable trusts. In doing so, the author draws on authorities not only from New Zealand but also from the Commonwealth and the United States.

The book outlines the fundamental principles of charity law, along with its many complexities. After outlining the history of New Zealand’s charity law and its concepts, the author discusses the legal tests various types of trust must meet in order to enjoy charitable status. The final chapter provides a practical and useful guide to the variation and administration of charitable trusts. Law of Charity is a useful resource not only for lawyers involved in the area, but also accountants, trustees, academics, students and people who run charities.

Thomson Reuters New Zealand Ltd, 978-1-988591-76-6, Paperback and e-book, 422 pages, May 2020, $110 (GST and postage no included).

Principles of Land Law in New Zealand – 3rd edition, volumes 1 and 2

By Neil Campbell, Jody Foster, Thomas Gibbons, Jason Goodall, D W McMorland, Struan Scott and Peter Twist

The fundamentals of property and land law in New Zealand are discussed, along with extensive commentary, in this authoritative work. Since the last edition, entitled Principles of Real Property Law, there have been significant legislative and case law updates. The authors have incorporated these updates in all chapters. The authors have, throughout the book, had a particular focus on adapting the text to incorporate the Land Transfer Act 2017. Although it is two volumes, Principles of Land Law in New Zealand is an abridged, one book version of the highly regarded property resource, Hinde, McMorland & Sim Land Law in New Zealand. Although Principles of Land Law in New Zealand is a reasonably complete account of land law today, it does not provide all the detail a lawyer might need at times to meet a client’s needs. In this case it is advisable to refer to either the looseleaf or the online version of Hinde, McMorland & Sim Land Law in New Zealand.

LexisNexis NZ Ltd, 9781988546230, Paperback (two volumes), 2277 pages, June 2020, $220 (GST included, postage excluded).

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