New Zealand Law Society - LawTalk Issue 945

LawTalk Issue 945

LawTalk Issue 945

In this issue, we dive into the role lawyers are playing in preparing for the impacts of climate change as well as how the regulatory landscape is changing because of it. Nan Jensen tells us why she practises in disability law. And included are updates on the Law Society’s priorities for this year, professional indemnity insurance, the Australian Institution of Judicial Administration and tips on using Cloud software.

Our priorities for 2021

Our priorities for 2021

Law Society President Tiana Epati reflects on our priorities for 2021, discussing the upcoming changes to the rules that govern the conduct of lawyers; the independent review into the future of the statutory framework in which we operate, and advocating for improvements to access to justice.
Seeking a just transition

Seeking a just transition

Passionate advocate for climate change action, lawyer and Law Reform Advisor Emily Sutton introduces this edition's theme which is dedicated to Climate Change. “Seeking a just transition” covers the role lawyers are playing in preparing for the impacts of climate change as well as the changing regulatory landscape.
The right to a sustainable environment

The right to a sustainable environment

Lawyers for Climate Action NZ inc. are calling for our current laws to better support reducing our impact on the environment. President Jenny Cooper QC speaks about the role lawyers can play in ensuring the transition to a carbon zero society is as just as possible.
The legal enforceability of climate change declarations

The legal enforceability of climate change declarations

Solicitor Aimee Dartnall considers the legal implications of Climate Change Declarations for both local authorities and the Government, and the increasing role the Courts will play in holding them to account.
Preparing for climate-related financial disclosures

Preparing for climate-related financial disclosures

New Zealand will become the first country in the world to require mandatory reporting on the potential financial impact of climate change for a number of organisations from 2023. We hear from three lawyers about their experience of reporting on and preparing for Climate Related Financial Disclosures.

Climate lawfare – Business in the firing line

Cases emerging globally show how the climate has become a new frontier of practice. Dr Sam McGlennon talks about how climate activism has adopted legal strategies and the influence this is having on businesses.

Climate Change and the RMA – A Sea Change Has Begun

Whilst the Government has announced it is replacing the Resource Management Act, there are still important reforms happening to this legislation over the coming months. Hans van der Wal looks at what those reforms mean for local authorities.

The Proposed Managed Retreat and Climate Change Act & Local Authorities

The Resource Management Act is being replaced with three new Acts. Barbara Mead, considers what the Climate Change Adaption Act may mean for local authorities and their communities.

He atua, he tangata, he atua, he tangata – Standing with the environment

Edmond Carrucan writes about climate change from a te ao Māori perspective, discussing how climate change will impact Māori identities.

Why I practise? Nan Jensen

Founder of AbilityWorx, Nan Jensen shares why she dedicates her practise to the area of Disability Law and supports New Zealand's disabled community.

How services developed in the past two years

The Ministry of Justice provides an update on operational improvements to reduce the administrative burden and improve the service for providers and other participants in the legal aid system.

How succession planning can save you time, money and stress

We talk to consultant Emily Morrow about why it's important for any legal workplace to plan for future employee movements and to hire those people who’ll help you achieve your objectives.

DNA collection and retention in proposed new regime

Te Aka Matua o te Ture | Law Commission discuss their proposed changes to the regime for Police collecting and retaining DNA samples and profiles.

Transparency lacking in juror occupations

Criminal defence barrister Chris White is concerned about the number of jurors whose occupations are listed as ‘Not Stated’. He writes about a recent amendment, made as part of the Jury Amendment Rules 2020, that he says removes the power of judges to require potential jurors to provide their occupations.

How to invest to effect positive change

Aligning your investments with your values shouldn’t be a negative experience, according to Financial Adviser Patrick Fogarty.

What really is the state of our wellbeing and mental health?

A significant study into the mental health and wellbeing of the legal profession is due to start soon. Clinical Psychologist Jacqui Maguire talks about what you can get out of signing up to take part and the impact this research could have.

AIJA – what it is, what does it do and why you should join

Kate Davenport QC takes us inside the Australian Institution of Judicial Administration to showcase what this trans-Tasman organisations has to offer the profession as well as the judiciary.

Demystifying cloud-based software with OneLaw

Working remotely or from home is a nature of work that can only be supported if the technology does. Legal software provider OneLaw breaks down what the Cloud is, how it looks after your data and how you can best use it in your firm.
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