New Zealand Law Society - LawTalk Issue 947

LawTalk Issue 947

LawTalk Issue 947

Co-edited with Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa (The Māori Law Society) the theme of our Kōanga (Spring) edition is Ka mua ka muri (back to the future). We talk to a range of people to discover how their past is shaping their future. Our feature story looks at what an approach steeped in Māori creation stories in mental health could offer to the legal profession. We meet a Black Power member turned law student and hear about Māori transformational leadership from Juliet Tainui-Hernadez, Assistant Governor Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Manaaki tāngata | Supporting each other

Manaaki tāngata | Supporting each other

Law Society President Tiana Epati provides an update on our Access to Justice work and the Independent Review of the statutory framework for legal services. Tiana also encourages lawyers to prioritise their wellbeing, and the support available from the Legal Community Counselling Service.
Ka mua ka muri | Back to the future

Ka mua ka muri | Back to the future

Tumuaki wahine (female co-President) Jamie-Lee Tuuta expands on the whakataukī Ka mua Ka muri (back to the future) and the need to look to the past as we plan for the future. She introduces Mark and Diana Kopua, whose experience of providing change in the health system has significant learnings…
Mahi a Atua: using stories to fulfil big dreams of systemic change

Mahi a Atua: using stories to fulfil big dreams of systemic change

Gisborne couple Di and Mark Kopua are innovators in mental health – changing systems to improve outcomes. They developed Mahi a Atua, an approach that allows people to examine their feelings and actions against the attributes, trials and tribulations of the different Atua (Māori gods). Could their success hold lessons…
Te Reo Māori and the Legal Profession

Te Reo Māori and the Legal Profession

Te reo Māori is being revitalised in legal settings through initiatives such as the Rangatahi Courts and the Te Ao Mārama district court model. Judges’ Clerk at the Supreme Court of New Zealand Nerys Udy reflects on her relationship with te reo. She describes te reo as both a personal…
Eugene Ryder: carving a new path to the law

Eugene Ryder: carving a new path to the law

First year law student Eugene Ryder had a challenging upbringing, joining Black Power at 15. He has an intimate knowledge of the law from the side that most students haven’t experienced. He brings a unique perspective to a world often closed to those from his community, and he hopes his…

Changing the narrative: recognising mana Māori in the workplace

Three rōia Māori in the employment space consider mana in the workplace. Alice Anderson summarises the case law that recognises the validity of tikanga Māori. Shelley Kopu acknowledges that the integration of te reo Māori and tikanga Māori in our courts and practices as a commendable start towards cultural competency.…

Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa partnering with Kiwibank

In April this year Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa and Kiwibank signed an agreement to support both organisations to deliver better outcomes for Māori and in turn all communities across Aotearoa. The two organisations will share skills, expertise and ideas in order to deliver on their respective strategies.

Wearing taonga with pride in court

Three lawyers tell us about their experience wearing taonga in court. Mana Taumaunu tells us what prompted him to be part of calls for change. Carlos Hamon and Rikki Donnelley talk about their experiences following the Chief Justice’s decision to allow taonga to be worn in place of neckties.  

Transforming the lawyers of tomorrow – Khylee Quince

Associate Professor Khylee Quince became the first Māori Dean of Law in Aotearoa New Zealand. Khylee shares her perspective on different kinds of diversity and the exciting work she’s part of decolonising legal education and making training as a lawyer more accessible.

Māori Transformational Leadership: a Journey as an Agent of Change

After two decades away, Juliet Tainui Hernandez has returned to Aotearoa to take up the role of Assistant Governor and General Manager of Transformation and People at Te Pūtea Matua (The Reserve Bank). She’s also a non-executive director on the Board of Ngāi Tahu holdings. She talks about her career…

Administering justice in a different way at the Young Adult List Court in Porirua

Ensuring that young adult defendants can be seen, heard, understood, and can meaningfully participate in the courtroom process is the goal of the Young Adult List at Porirua District Court. The court has made changes to reduce legal jargon, keep whānau involved in the process and put in place a…

Encouraging Māori postgraduate scholarship in law

At this year’s Hui-a-Tau for Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa, the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation announced a new scholarship to contribute to increasing Māori postgraduate scholarship in law.

Kamil and Karun Lakshman

Kamil and Karun Lakshman came separately from Fiji to Aotearoa New Zealand. Both came for education. For Karun his pathway into the law was already in motion when he arrived in Wellington. For Kamil it would be a bit more time before she entered the legal profession. Both help others…

New Zealand’s pro bono clearinghouse opens for business

It’s been ten years in the making but in July 2021 New Zealand’s first pro bono portal opened for business. Supported by funding from the Ministry of Justice, Te Ara Ture connects volunteer lawyers to people who need legal help.

Meet the Presidents of the Pacific Lawyers Association

2021 marks the 20th year of the Pacific Lawyers Association. New co-Presidents, Ataga’i Esera and Joseph Xulue are excited about the prospect of moving into spaces that were previously not as accessible. Read about their plans to continue to build and strengthen the Pacific legal community, and the shortcomings of…

A whole new way of estate gifting taking off in NZ

September is Wills month, and Eleanor Cater from Community Foundations looks at endowment funds, an option for clients to make big, strategic gifts for charitable benefit.

“Overthinking Perfectly”

Overthinking and perfectionism may sound like pre-requisites for legal practice. But clinical psychologist and author Gwendoline Smith discusses the long-term impacts of this mode of operation. She provides practical tips for legal brain health.
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