New Zealand Law Society - LawTalk issue 948

LawTalk issue 948

LawTalk issue 948

The theme of our Raumati (summer) edition is access to justice. We report on the results from our Colmar Brunton-commissioned survey showing a broken legal aid system. We talk to some of the Pacific lawyers undertaking Legal Aid work, who together with Māori practitioners and lawyers in Treaty of Waitangi work bear the brunt of the strain in a legal aid system that is near collapse. We meet the Financial Markets Authority’s Head of Enforcement Karen Chang, and include our annual Snapshot of the Profession.

Access to Justice

A true picture of our broken legal aid system

A true picture of our broken legal aid system

In September 2021 the New Zealand Law Society | Te Kāhui Ture o Aotearoa commissioned Colmar Brunton to survey all lawyers to assess the current state of access to justice in Aotearoa New Zealand. We highlight what you need to know from the findings. 
Access to civil justice a new focus area for the Borrin Foundation

Access to civil justice a new focus area for the Borrin Foundation

Dr Bridgette Toy-Cronin discusses her research to better understand legal need in Aotearoa, funded by a grant from the Borrin Foundation’s recently introduced Access to Civil Justice focus area.

A focus on Legal Aid and Family Law

Chair of the Law Society’s Family Law Section, Caroline Hickman, and South Auckland-based barrister Stormie Waapu, talk about the stark reality of having to turn away vulnerable people under the current legal aid structure. The legal aid environment has not kept pace with the increasing complexity in cases and this…

Access to justice - A Te Ao Māori perspective

Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa points out that Māori lawyers want to contribute to the legal aid work despite the challenges facing the system. Ngaroma Tahana, Tumuaki (Partner) at Kahui Legal, talks about her journey after making a conscious decision to move to criminal law due to the over…

Improving access to civil justice

The Rules Committee has been working on major initiatives recently to improve access to civil justice. We outline the reform proposals and their potential impact on addressing barriers that citizens encountered when seeking civil justice.

Access to justice – A Pacific perspective

Helping people in need is a driving motivation for legal aid lawyer Panama Le’au’anae, still practising at 65. Panama shares his experience and vision of what could be improved to achieve greater access to justice for the Pasifika community.

Crystal clear: How using plain language can improve access to justice

From the grass roots to the board room, writing clearly benefits everyone. The art of short and sweet just might save the world – and time and money while doing so.

Snapshot of the Profession

LawTalk 948

Why I practise: Karen Chang

Why I practise: Karen Chang

Making a difference to the community is a major motivator for the Financial Markets Authority’s Head of Enforcement, Karen Chang. Her work helps to protect people who rely on New Zealand being a trustworthy place to invest in the financial markets. She’s encouraging young lawyers to consider the public sector, as…
How we practise: Sally Gepp and Madeleine Wright

How we practise: Sally Gepp and Madeleine Wright

Based 800 kilometres apart, Sally Gepp and Madeleine Wright work successfully together. Based in Auckland and Nelson, the two share how they’ve made their remote partnership work despite the distance.

New network for sole practitioners

When COVID-19 arrived in New Zealand and the entire country went into lockdown, it became harder for sole-practitioners to continue making connections with other lawyers. Barrister-sole Jeremy Sutton and Law Clerk Isabella Hutchison developed Ako Legal, a dedicated network for sole-practitioners and lawyers in small firms to network digitally.

Reflecting on the CPD year that was

As the end of the current CPD year approaches (31 March 2022), it’s time to think critically about what you’ve learned over the last year and to start planning your next steps. Find out how you could identify your professional development needs and take your learning journey further.

Designing anti-bullying and harassment policies for law practices

It’s been almost six months since the amended Rules of Conduct and Client Care came into force, and the holiday season is a timely reminder for all law practices about the new requirements. Every law practice is required to have anti-bullying and harassment policies. Three experts provide handy tips and resources to help you write your policy.

Going digital for admission to the profession

In mid-October the Auckland High Court started doing admissions to the profession using digital technology. Three newly admitted lawyers who experienced virtual admission tell us what it was like.

Employment matters: Post Covid-19 realities for law firms

Lockdown fatigue, and maintaining energy levels and motivation through COVID-19 are common struggles for many people, including legal staff. Recruitment specialist Mark Simpson takes a look at the impact on senior and junior staff, and the implications for attraction and retention.

How great lawyers can make great directors

Great lawyers can make great directors, but not for the reasons an observer might think. The required skills are broad, deep and liberally topped up with personal and commercial experience. Four experienced directors who are lawyers by training, focus on how to build a director out of a lawyer, from…

Continuing to evolve tech adoption in the legal profession

Keeping up to date with innovations and knowing how to benefit from the latest technology is increasingly important for businesses. From cloud adoption to the rise of artificial intelligence, the founder of Legal Innovate, Andrew King, shares his thoughts on technology trends for 2022.

A life spent in service to the law - Farewell to Sir Noel Anderson QC

Retired judge of the Supreme Court of New Zealand, Sir Noel Anderson QC, passed away on 6 October 2021, aged 77. Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann writes a tribute to his legacy as a judge, friend and colleague.
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