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    Practice management advice, business systems, business tools, human resources, remuneration and marketing.

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    Recent case notes, law reform activities and courts summaries from New Zealand and abroad.

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    Trends and statistics, recent publications, book reviews and legal research.

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Recent practice Resources

  • Supreme courts roundup, 19 to 25 May 2017


    Decisions, proceedings and news from the highest courts in some common law jurisdictions in the last week are as follows:Supreme Court of New ZealandHitchcock…

  • What should I declare at practising certificate renewal time?


    The New Zealand Law Society practising certificate renewal round is approaching, with all current practising certificates lapsing on 30 June 2017.All lawyers who hold…

  • Spotlight on Law Firms


    New Zealand has over 1,900 privately-owned organisations from which practising lawyers provide legal services. Over half of these have just one practising lawyer. At…

  • Sieng Erosaosky keeps old-fashioned scams going


    As the criminals behind email fraud become more smarter and develop harder-to-spot frauds, some of the older unsophisticated scams continue, presumably from older and…

Last updated on the 7th July 2015