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Parliamentary bills introduced and passed, 11 to 13 February 2014

Bills introduced and bills given a third reading during the period were as follows:

Bills Introduced

None on 11 and 12 February. 

Bills given a third reading

Subantarctic Islands Marine Reserves Bill, on 11 February. Introduced on 7 July 2011 by Dr Nick Smith. Creates three new marine reserves: Moutere Mahue/Antipodes Island, Moutere Haurire/Bounty Islands, and Moutere Ihupuku/Campbell Island (providing for a review of this reserve in 5 years). Allows commanding officers of the New Zealand Defence Force to act as rangers under the Marine Reserves Act 1971. Comes into force on 2 March 2014. Government press release.

Airports (Cost Recovery for Processing of International Travellers) Bill on 12 February. Introduced on 9 September 2010 by Nathan Guy. Provides for recovery by the Government of the costs of the aviation security, biosecurity, and customs traveller processing in relation to scheduled international flights arriving at, or departing from, new or re-established international airports. Also provides for international flights where, on request, travellers are processed in a non-routine way at any international airport. Comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal Assent. Makes consequential amendments to Biosecurity Act 1993, Civil Aviation Act 1990 and Customs and Excise Act 1996. Government press release.


Last updated on the 13th February 2014